Bluestarfish Publishing

The Brief

Rosie came to us with a dream of launching her own online publishing store. Queue Blue Starfish Publishing. Originally Rosie was selling her children’s books through Amazon at a hefty 60% commission rate. She wanted us to take her wonderful books and create a store for them online for her to sell direct. Hence cutting down on the commission rate and giving Rosie full control of her inventory and marketing.

What We Did

  • Web Design
  • CMS Design
  • Content Creation.
  • eCommerce
  • WooCommerce

Our Approach

Rosie wanted a clean looking website making the most of whitespace to bring focus to her eye catching hand drawn illustrations. Something she firmly believes Children and parents alike will really engage with – and it’s hard to argue with that!

We kept the subtle blue colours consistent throughout – as well as a stand out font to capture the users attention. The online store is simple to navigate and whilst there are only 2 books now it allows for growth in the future. Full social integration has also been added to allow users to keep up to date on everything going on at Blue Starfish.